To pick one or two favourite authors is not an easy feat. There are so many great writers out there for me to only pin point a few. I would have to go with genre as well, and with that comes people I know and love. The three are completely interconnected and woven into the threads of my life.

I read a lot in my early years. These memories I share with my sister and our love for Enid Blyton and her adventurous famous five. My teenage years in the seventies weren’t productive to turning pages at all, but I did gain some wicked life experiences. Once in my twenties, my sister and I shared a passion for Winston Graham’s absorbing Poldark series, and became fans of Susan Howatch. I remember us saying one day we would call our houses Penmarric and Cashelmara.

In my early twenties I moved away from home and family, not just to the next suburb, but clear across the country from Adelaide, South Australia to Dunk Island, a tropical island paradise in far North Queensland. It was here I discovered my love of fantasy and all things in the natural world.

My father worked for the airline. On birthdays and at Christmas it wasn’t just a card in the post it was a suitcase full of love, music, clothes, books and photos. When I received paperbacks of Frank Herbert’s Dune series and I was hooked. I had already read Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, and continued devouring all things fantasy from Stephen Donaldson, Sara Douglas and Anne Bishop to Fiona McIntosh and everything in-between. It is sad only naming a few, so many are worthy of a mention for their ability to transport one on an enthralling journey into another world.

The love of fantasy will always be intertwined with my family. My husband, two daughters and I spent hours upon hours of pleasure devouring and discussing the same books, sometimes being so captivated we would buy double copies so our turn to read came around quicker. In November it will be a challenge to see who will be the first to read the long awaited release in the Obernewtyn series by Isobelle Carmody.

Last but never least is my affair with romance. A genre I was introduced to when I was given a survival pack after the birth my first daughter. In the pack was a Mills and Boons adventure by Emma Darcy and I fell in love with hunky hero’s, feisty heroines and happy ever afters. In my true fashion I read many of the elements within romance. Sweet, historical, crime, suspense, erotic, rural and comedy and enjoy them all. Romance with suspense, is my absolute favourite. I enjoy the crime element mixed with fast paced action that keeps you turning the pages.

My fan-tale romance list is long and enjoyable. In no particular order, at the top of my reading list are the writers who inspire me most in my own quest to be an author.
Sandy Curtis, Helene Young, Kylie Scott, Kendall Talbot, and my final place is reserved for Barbara Hannay.
All of these authors create characters, situations, and stories that live in your heart long after the books are finished, and that is my dream.