I am a virgin – Treat me gently.

I am a virgin. Yep you heard correct, a virgin…a blog virgin that is.

Write a blog I’m told, let people know what you are doing. Tell them what you are writing, or what you think about writing. Better still what made you start writing in the first place.

Are you really interested in the mundane meanderings of my mind? I can make it super quick, methodically boring, that way you don’t have to hang around too long. Not that I want you to go, I’m your typical introvert and not the best at making friends or conversations, although we do have something in common, the love of reading and writing.

If I could be like someone at the moment I’d be like Brit. She’s the leading lady in my fifth novel, it’s not written yet, but that doesn’t matter her time will come, for now she is one of the many voices inside my head just itching to come out and have her time to shine.

Out of all my gals to hook up with one of the tough n’ hunky Brennan boys she’s the cheekiest of all. Talk the hind leg off a donkey if she’s given half a chance. Not an ounce of shyness in her…Hang one, I am getting sidetracked here, I am meant to be telling you more about what and why I write.

My first manuscript is finished…yeeharr… and it is nail biting wondering how my precious baby is going all alone, out in the land of the publisher gods, sitting scared and shivering on a pile of other hopefuls waiting for loving hands to embrace it.

Wait a minute…it’s not a paper identity yet. So it is more like, ‘your manuscript is important to us, it has been placed in a digital queue, please tap away patiently at your keyboard with your next story and we will get back to you…’ Except there’s no soothing music, just the nervous fluttering of my own heart.

I am actually a diehard fan of two genres, fantasy and romantic suspense and one day intend to write the perfect combination. It’s there in my mind, but as for all things in life, (just like my ms) it has to wait its turn. There’s a backlog of romantic suspense novels that need to be written first.

The best lesson I learnt was to focus on one project at a time, so I opened my bottom draw and dusted off a romantic suspense manuscript I had finished and was too shy to let anyone read. The first thing I did was bite the bullet and be brave by sending it out to beta readers, and was absolutely astounded when I received some great feedback.

Needing to learn more about the craft of writing, I attended workshops and conferences applying my new found knowledge in an extensive rewrite and sent it back out for more critique.

So here I am with my first novel finished and beginning the second.

What I like most is getting the balance right, equal parts romance and suspense and to have each book leaving the reader satisfied and content, if not a little wide eyed and breathless from the fast paced action.