The End.

Have you ever typed two more beautiful words?

Two words overflowing with emotion. A completed journey for both you and your characters…

The End. I was elated the first time I typed those words. A Wild Ride to Love, sixty four thousand words, mixed with blood, sweat, tears and cheers. Into the bottom draw it went. When it came time for a fresh eyed look, I saw a story not worth reading and back it went to gather dust.

flowersI joined a local writers group, and finally plucked up enough courage to let one of the members see what I had written and with her positive praise and kind criticism, I will be forever in her debt. A rewrite, and with an additional action packed twenty nine thousand words, again I typed The End. Phew, it’s done. My daughter bought me flowers, she was so proud.

Out to beta readers, tweaks and adjustments and off my baby went. I though he was lost for a while, but back he came with a rejection slip (now framed on my wall). ‘Exciting writing, fantastic pacing but…’. Houston you have a problem. Holy moly, I slapped my forehead in disbelief, how could I have not seen it before, now every page screamed… POV problem. Major re-write. Again, I typed The End.

It took a while to realise, each time you write The End, it’s just a step. Now my novel is in the hands of a professional editor and when I do her edits, it will be a better, stronger story. One I will be proud to write The End for. Except it’s never really the end, it’s also the beginning.

The journey of creating and perfecting stories is exactly what I want to do in life. To produce a collection of words that will bring emotional fulfilment when the reader finally read the words, The End, is the best ending I could ever dream of.